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I curse you winter, and all of your bittery coldness. Its finally gotten to be too cold around here to run outside, and so I’m left exercising on my elliptical. Which actually isn’t terrible. A few weeks ago I decided to start watching a tv series I haven’t seen before to help the time on the elliptical go by quicker, and so now, every Wednesday morning I put on the next episode of Scrubs. I’m starting all the way at the beginning since I’ve only ever seen a handful of episodes from this series. It really helps the workout go by so quickly!

Well, week 5 was great in terms of my Yoga, which I am loving more and more everyday, but really crappy in terms of my cardio. I just can’t seem to get back into the habit of doing cardio. I think its the fact that I can’t really run outside. AND, this time of year is so incredibly busy! Christmas shopping, cleaning the house up from Thanksgiving (which was 3 weeks ago!), baking for Christmas, finding the perfect Christmas tree. And the fact that it now gets dark at 4:30pm everyday really puts a damper on my cardio efforts. I just have to try that much harder in Week 6!

Here’s my breakdown from Week 5:
*Monday: Rest day
*Tuesday: Yoga 36 minutes,DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Wednesday: Elliptical 21 minutes. .66 miles, 156 avg. heart rate, 235 cals burned.
*Thursday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Friday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Saturday: Spent the day cleaning the house in the morning and then looking for our perfect Christmas tree… needless to say we didn’t go running, and it was bittery cold out!
*Sunday: Covered a wedding and didn’t get a chance run or elliptical. Instead, we decorated our tree <3 (pics to come!) I'm going to focus on getting at least two days of cardio in Week 6. If I can at least get into that groove, I'll be in good shape to get back to my 3 days of cardio a week. Here's to hoping! If you're curious how Week's 1-4 went, you can check them out here! Intro
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4a
Week 4b

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Ok, here’s my summary of my redo from Week 4 of my 10 week workout challenge. And don’t forget to check out the intro, and Weeks 1, 2, and 3 for the whole journey!

Let’s just say it was a better attempt then my first run, but still nothing to brag about… :/ But hey, I’m only human, and I’m more motivated then ever to really get back on track!

*Monday: Rest day
*Tuesday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Wednesday: I usually do the Elliptical but we moved it into our bedroom during Thanksgiving to make room for all of our house guests, and we didn’t get a chance to move it back, so I skipped it and instead, did more yoga! When in doubt, do yoga <3. Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout
*Thursday: Yoga 41 minutes, DVD – Crunch Fat Burning Yoga Workout.
*Friday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Saturday: I really *really* wanted to run this weekend. I even brought cloths with me to my parents house for the weekend. WE just didn’t get around to it. BUT I did rake a bagillion leaves in my brother and SIL’s yard, and that was definitely a lot of work. So I’ll take it.
*Sunday: Skipped working out to sew pillows. OH well, it happens.

So, overall, I got in really no cardio, and the weekend was a complete flop.

But, week 5 is already a better week (geeze, its already Wednesday!), so I can say that week 4 was just a weird, crazy week that just wasn’t working for me. I’d rather move on then dwell on it.

I finally went food shopping again, and was able to juice this morning, so week 5 is going to be awesome! Now if I can just make sure to get my runs in, I’ll be golden and right back on track. Wish me luck!

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Well, week 4 was a huge fail for me. With hosting Thanksgiving for 12 people including my 2 year old nephew, housing a house full of people for a week, and eating copious amounts of left overs for 4 days straight, there was just not much time for anything else. I managed to do some Yoga on Tuesday night with my nephew. It consisted of him sitting on my head as I rested between cobra and climbing up my legs as I tried to do downward dog. It was ridiculously cute, nonetheless.

So, I decided to redo week 4 this week, and pretend that last week just didn’t happen. Or maybe just pretend that last week was a rest in between weeks 3 & 4, because let’s face it, you never want to pretend that Thanksgiving didn’t happen… I mean, it’s just one of the best times of the year!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I never got a chance to jump on here and wish everyone a happy one, so better late then never! A [belated] Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Here’s to a better week “4” this week!! And make sure to catch up on my other weeks, follow along as I get back into shape!! : Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

Thanksgiving 2011 Whoopie Pies

Why yes, those are pumpkin whoopie pies! :D And they were delicious!!!

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All I can say is, thank god it’s Monday. Which is weird, because Monday’s mean the beginning of another week… back to the daily grind. But I got to bed late, and I didn’t have to get up early to workout today because today is my rest day. And thank god for that. Rest. Ahhhhhhh. If only I had gotten enough!

If you missed my previous recaps for my 10 Week Challenge, you can read them here:
Workout Challenge Week 1 Recap
Workout Challenge Week 2 Recap

My goal of getting more sleep didn’t really pan out in week 3, so I will be repeating this goal this week. I’m not hopeful though, because this week is Thanksgiving and That usually means a house FULL of family, including my 2 year old nephew. Sleep? Not so much this week! But I’ll try.

I’m also considering adding in one more day of cardio, as my run on Saturday was extremely tough and I feel like I’m not building up enough stamina only getting 3 days of cardio a week. Greg runs with me on the weekends and he literally doesn’t even get out of breath, whereas I can’t get rid of the stitches in my side for the life of me! Sunday, however, was a much better run, and I had my best time of a 9:08 min/mile run! So, we’ll see.

My recap for week 3 looks a little like this:

*Monday: Rest day
*Tuesday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Wednesday: Elliptical 25 minutes. .78 miles, 164 avg. heart rate, 301 cals burned.
*Thursday: Whittle My Middle Core workout: planks, side planks, and squats 20 minutes.
*Friday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Saturday: Running 3.51 miles (with Greg!) 9:59 min/mile pace, 362 cals burned. Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Sunday: Running 3.51 miles (with Greg!) 9:08 min/mile pace, 365 cals burned. Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.

For week 4, I’d like to add in more water consumption. I’ve noticed that I’ve really fallen off the hydration wagon, and I can be better then that, so I’m actively trying to drink around 64 oz a day for week 4. And we’ll see about adding in another day of cardio… depending on how much turkey I eat this Thursday!

Here’s to a turkey filled week 4! Who else is ridiculously excited for Thanksgiving this week? I’m hoping to squeeze in my workouts in between all of the eating, game playing, and movie watching we have planned for the week and weekend. :)

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Week 2 of my 10 week workout challenge FLEW by! I mean, it’s already Monday of week 3! I was SO incredibly glad that I had today off. Monday’s are my day off from working out, and when I decided to star this 10 week workout challenge, I figured if I felt so inclined, I would probably do some yoga on my off day, if anything. But I really needed today to rest. I’ve been waking up at 6/6:30 every morning and going to bed at around 11. It’s not enough sleep, and I really had to catch up this morning. For the next 7 weeks in this challenge (and really from here on out), I’m going to focus on getting 8 hours of sleep each night. I’m definitely one of those people that needs 8. Some need less, some need more. I need 8. I just feel so much more alert, and overall just “better” when I get 8 hours. This past week has been littered with 6 hour sleep nights, and I could really feel it all week. I even fell asleep on my friends Betho and Catherine Saturday night while we were watching Miracle on 34th st.

My workout week recap:

*Monday: Running 3.51 miles at 10:33 min/mile pace, 373 cals burned.
Yoga 35 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Tuesday: Yoga 35 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Wednesday: Elliptical 30 minutes. .95 miles, 161 avg. heart rate, 358 cals burned.
*Thursday: Whittle My Middle Core workout: planks, side planks, Yoga online videos 20 minutes.
*Friday: Running 3.51 miles (with Betho!) 9:56 min/mile pace, 366 cals burned.
*Saturday: Yoga 35 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Sunday: Running 2.8 miles (with Greg!), 9:37 min/mile pace, 294 cals burned.

Every day this week I was tired and felt just generally drained by the end of the day (8pm.) I could barely stay awake some nights. However, yoga is getting easier and I can already feel my legs becoming more limber and loose, which is awesome. My hips hurt a lot less too, which is nice. As I get older, my joints, especially my hips become stiff if I sit too long is an awkward position, and the yoga is really helping my joints feel so much better. I love it!

I also had my best pace for running this week at 9:33 min/mile. In my prime, I used to run around a 7:30 – 8 min/mile pace, and I’d really like to get closer to that! I’m on my way, and I’ll be focusing on that this weekend.

I’ve also realized that juicing is *expensive*!!! I love my juice so much that I was making my 32 oz. in the morning and drinking 24 oz in one day. ONE day! Yikes. Unfortunately, as the weather is cold here, most fruits and veggies are out of season, making them very expensive. So, I have to bring that down to probably around 12 oz. a day, in order to not drive Greg and I out of house and home. We’re actively price shopping now, looking for the best deals (while still trying to buy as many organic veggies and fruits as I can!). If you know of any killer deals on greens, sweet potatoes, and berries and apples, let me know!

Week 3 looks like it’ll be an awesome one, so stay tuned to find out if I can beat my running pace, and continue to work on my Yoga poses!! :)


My first week of the 10 week workout challenge went pretty well! I really wanted to focus on just getting into a routine of getting up before work, and spending 30 minutes each morning focusing on my workout. And I did really well! Greg even came for a jog for me on Saturday, which was so nice!

Here’s what my week broke down to:

*Monday: Rest day
*Tuesday: Yoga 25 minutes (online videos found browsing youtube).
*Wednesday: Elliptical 25 minutes. .8 miles, 150 avg. heart rate, 278 cals burned.
*Thursday: Whittle My Middle Core workout: planks, side planks, and squats 20 minutes.
*Friday: Yoga 36 minutes, DVD – Crunch Perfect Yoga Workout.
*Saturday: Running 3.51 miles (with Greg!) 10 min/mile pace, 368 cals burned.
*Sunday: Planned to run another 3.5 miles, but time got away from me and I ended up skipping this day, so instead I took the usual rest day from week 2 (Monday) and ran on Monday (Nov. 7) instead.

My thoughts: The yoga was AWESOME! I have only done yoga here and there a few times, but during week1 I actually followed a DVD that I found on Amazon, called Crunch The Perfect Yoga Workout.

I really liked it and plan on adding more days of yoga to the routine over the next weeks, especially after my cardio workouts. It’s a great way to get in stretching, which I tend to neglect because I find stretching so boring. I also, of course, felt great running again and plan to keep my schedule of running on Saturday and Sunday.

Other random musings:

I started juicing (stay tuned for a post on this really soon!!), and I LOVE IT. I got a Breville juicer for christmas last year and I’m embarrassed to say, since then we’ve used it maybe twice. BUT That’s all going to change. Today, I made a big batch of fresh juice that consisted of: kale, Swiss chard, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, sweet potato, apple, orange, banana, carrots, and beet (plus stem and leaves). Sounds totally crazy and gross right? IT WAS SO GOOD. Like, I want to go make another batch right now and drink it all. It made just about 32oz. and I drank 1/3 for breakfast and have been stuffed ever since. This stuff is nutritious and filling. <3 I think this will be a great post workout drink and I really hope to make juice every morning! I’m also experimenting with one day old juice. I know the vitamins start to breakdown as the juice sits, so I don’t want to leave it too long, but I know it would save me so much time to be able to make a couple of servings at once. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow morning! :)

Wish me luck this week, now that day light savings has ended, its dark and dreary and I’ll need all the motivation I can get to keep this workout challenge going strong.

How do you stay motivated to keep working out in the fall and winter, when its cold and dark and dreary?? I’d love some advice :)

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I used to be a runner.

And I’m sad that I’m not, anymore. Somewhere between graduating from college and today, I just stopped running. Growing up, I used to run with my mom every day. EVERY DAY. We’d rarely miss a day, we loved running so much. And then I went away to college, and I still ran and kept up with it, but slowly, life got more and more busy. And now I just don’t run anymore. NOW, there’s rarely a day that I DO run. And, again, that makes me so sad.

So rather then sulking in my misery and remember the days that I used to be in shape (and when my butt did NOT shake and jiggle like a bowl full of jello), I’m doing something about it.

The other day I printed off 10 copies of a workout log that Angela Liddon, from OhSheGlows posted on her blog. Why 10 copies? I have no idea, it just seemed like the right amount. I didn’t even have the plan to do this 10 week challenge at the time… Maybe my body and heart knew what my mind took some time getting around to… that I’m ready to get back into shape.

In an effort to really make this stick, I’m posting about it. Here. On the blog. For everyone and anyone to see. Not only that, I’m also posting my measurements. ::gulp:: Yes, you read it, my measurements. I figure, with it all laid out here, in the open, I’m accountable. And that will surely help me stick to the workout regime I’m setting up for myself. At the end of the 10 week challenge, all that really matters to me is that I fall in love with working out again. We used to be so in love, working out and I… we’d spend hours together every day, and I’d pour some of my deepest and darkest hopes and desires out when we were together. And I miss that. And I want that back. So. Here it is. Week 1 of my 10 week workout challenge. It would be awesome if you wanted to start a challenge of your own!! Just head on over to OhSheGlows for the pdf of the workout Log. And any encouragement would be greatly appreciated, too, so don’t be shy!

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 136 lbs.
Chest: 34 in.
Waist: 26.5 in.
Hips: 37.5 in.
Thighs: 22.5 in.

There you have it. You can now make a wax figure of me :) I’ll measure my self again, at the end of the 10 week challenge and we can see if I was able to transform my body at all.

My goals are: To at least maintain my weight, as I stated in my 2011 New Years Resolutions post from earlier this year. Last summer, I started a healthier eating plan, and lost 20 lbs. Its pretty huge for me, because I’ve never been able to take the leap and actually put forth a weight loss effort like this before. And I’m so comfortable with my body now, and I just want to tone up the lose jiggly parts (like my butt. lol)

I also really really want to start running races again, as my mom and I also used to do that all the time, too! 5k’s were our specialty, because they were fun and pretty easy. And when I was planning my wedding, my mom and I even ran the Disney World Half Marathon!! It was amazing, and I so badly want to run another half marathon some day (hopefully soon!) I’ll be looking into this more in the near future!

At the end of this week, I’ll post a recap of my week, how my workouts went, how I felt, what I want to change for the following week, what I really liked, what I didn’t, if I skipped any days that I meant to work out on, and overall how I felt that week. I’ll continue to post weekly recaps on either Saturday or Sunday, every week, for the next 10 weeks. And then I’ll do a full, in-depth recap at the end of 10 weeks.

Okay, well, here we go! Wish me luck!

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A while ago, I saw a blog post by another photographer who had a huuuuge list of goals, and she called it 101 in 1001. It was a list of 101 goals that she wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. Some of the goals were huge and scary and probably really hard to attain, and some were so small and seemingly insignificant. And, there were goals everywhere in between. I read through her list, and thought to my self, what a cool thing to do. I mean, really. I didn’t really do any “New Year’s Resolutions” for 2012, partly because I had this long list going, and partly because sometimes, writing down things makes them scarier!

Well, it’s taken me a long lonng looooonnnnnng time, but I finally finished writing up 101 goals for myself. Its a lot harder then you think! I cruised right along till about number 65, then I just got stuck… for a while. I finished my list this morning, and I think this is a great Favorite Things post for this month, because with Spring coming, the new wedding season upon us, whats better then laying out 101 of your hopes and dreams for everyone to see?!

Here’s my list, in all its glory :) I created this list on June 24, 2011, and using this neat website I was able to calculate the date I should hope to finish this list, which is March 21, 2012. Yikes! Only 2 years left, I better get going!! And if you have one, too, let me know and post a link to your 101 in 1001, in the comments section!! Don’t be shy

1. Take portraits of my sister
2. Go on a romantic weekend getaway with hubby Feb. 18/19, 2012
3. Go to the beach on a weekday
4. Learn how to knit and make a shawl
5. Make headbands for my newborn photography
6. Book my first wedding
7. Book my second wedding
8. Book more and more weddings
9. Print that portrait of my sister and Paulie
10. Go camping Oct. 18/19, 2011
11. Star gazing
12. Go back to Disney world with my sister and familyGoing in April 2012, wahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. 3 months in a row with sub 1K credit card bill
14. Completely clear out the laundry room of all laundryDid it recently, although its tattered with laundry again… I’ll keep this goal going and going
15. Get a tattoo
16. Build a mini bed for newborn photography (with my dad)
17. Buy 85mm 1.2 lens
18. Get far enough with photography to quit my day job
19. Learn how to make home-made pasta
20. Cook a really nice 5 course meal for Greg and I one night
21. Hike other mountains besides Sleeping GiantSo far, only2 others, but we’re planning on doing a lot more this spring summer and fall (2012)
22. Practice yoga Started when I started my 10 Week Workout Challenge back in the fall of 2011. Its ongoing :)
23. Start meditating
24. Eat more fruits and vegetables
25. Go through old photos and get rid of the “junk” Did this in January 2012
26. Learn how to make sushi
27. Develop a killer chocolate frosting recipe
28. Start reading more and finish unread booksHave been reading about 1 new book a week since Feb 2012
29. Research health and nutrition and keep up to date with current health and wellness trends
30. Brush up on my geography
31. Drive somewhere I’ve never been before without using a GPS
32. Go for a drive to nowhere and enjoy the scenery
33. Go on a real picnic with our picnic basket
34. Attend every PUG meeting I can unless I’m physically out of the state
35. Visit California
36. Network with Bliss Bridal
37. Photograph an Indian wedding
38. Lose 5 more pounds to reach my ultimate weight loss goal
39. Rebrand myself to attract the right kinds of clients that I ultimately want to work with – started, but not finished yet…
40. Get better organized by doing the following: vacuum once a week
41. Do a load of laundry once a week
42. Plan out meals for the week for dinner and keep up with it
43. Clean the kitchen every nighthave been keeping up with this and its so relieving to have a clean house to come home to every night! I’ll try to keep this up as best I can!
44. Make a turkey meatloaf like the one from Whole Foods – tried and failed… try again!
45. Get my wedding band resized so I can wear it – F it, I just wear it now
46. Run another ½ marathon
47. Make a quilt for myself (for once)
48. Get back into taking vitamins dailystarted Jan 2012
49. Start using coupons and planning grocery shopping trips again
50. Design the back patio by fall 2011 – opps, by Spring 2012…
51. Submit the plans for the patio to the board by fall 2011 – By Spring 2012…
52. Weed all gardens and lay mulch by the fall of 2011 – By Spring 2012…
53. Rearrange the office and bring the iMac back upstairs Found a better place for the iMac!
54. Go through old bills and organize paperwork in the officedid Winter of 2011/2012
55. Vacuum my car once every other month
56. Wash and wax my car as often as I should to keep it protected
57. Cook pancakes for Greg’s parents again did once, but would like to do a lot more
58. Get on a better sleeping schedule (in bed by 11pm)
59. Go for manis and pedis as a little treat to myself once every few months
60. Reread all Harry Potter books Finished winter 2011/2012
61. Paint a picture to hang in our house
62. See the Grand Canyon
63. Go out west and go to some states I’ve never been to before
64. Spruce up our bathroom – new mirrors and lights, maybe new bath fixtures, and paint the walls
65. Do the entire P90X system (its really tough!)
66. In the winters, do 2-3 days of cardio to keep my endurance up so I don’t huff and puff when I start working out again in the spring
67. Put granite or some sort of nicer counter tops in the Kitchen, and do up a nice back splash
68. Keep my tree garden alive so that I can transport the trees to other areas of the yard when they are ready to be moved
69. Take a CPR and first aid class in preparation of becoming a mom some day
70. Get my boating license
71. Take a vacation to Canada just because
72. Start reading the Outlander series
73. Send greeting cards to friends and family 1-2x a year just because it’s nice to say hello. Try to start in 2012
74. Drop those 2 bags of unused clothing to Goodwill, or another charitable organization who can use them
75. Plant some veggies every summer and make sure they don’t go to waste
76. Juice 2-3x a week in the summer using either a farmer’s coop, or veggies from the Farm (if they start growing this year)
77. Find and/or create the perfect buttercream frosting recipecheck! I should do a blog about my baking adventures… they are fun!
78. Find the perfect chocolate cake recipeI think I’ve come really close, if not perfect! Blog post to come…
79. Find the perfect vanilla cake recipe
80. Create 1-2 handmade artifacts to sell on Etsy
81. Knit the baby snuggie in a neutral color yarn as a gift to the next person I know to have a baby (or in my fancy purple yarn, if that baby is a girl, or buy boy colored yarn if it’s a boy)
82. Take another craft class with Greg’s mom, like pottery.
83. Make the JCrew elastic waisted mini skirt for me and melis
84. Make a piece of clothing for Paulie and Julia
85. Join a book club
86. Learn how to speak German or Polish… or maybe both!
87. Upload a portfolio slideshow onto my iPad for future client meetings
88. Order the new Moo Luxe biz cards (once my new brand is done)
89. Order a sample album from one of my more recent weddings
90. Cut my hair short………. Maybe…….
91. Nail workflow down to 2 weeks for weddings and 1 week for portraits
92. Make new house quilt of the Farm for mom and dad
93. Take photos of the Farm to blog about
94. Start and complete another 365 project
95. Create a “365 gratitude” journal… one thing I’m grateful for, everyday…
96. Run a 10k
97. Try frozen banana “ice cream” and maybe some “raw” toppings too (cookie dough, etc)…it was good, but I dont know if I’d make it again…
98. Visit a Naturopathic doctor
99. Make applesauce and apple butter – made pumpkin and butternut squash butter in fall 2011… still have to make apple sauce
100. Learn to make jellys and jams
101. Get an ND filter for my 35mm lens (plus adapters for the other lenses) before our next vacation

Wish me luck!! <3

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This post is difficult to write because I have to admit to a pretty big failure. It is also why its January 10th, and I’m finally posting my first post of the new year. I don’t know what happened between Halloween and Christmas, but I got into a funk and I just couldn’t get out. It started at Thanksgiving, when I just stopped my yoga and running workouts… and I tried to get back into it, but I just didn’t. And Christmas? pffffshhh, forget about it. I don’t think my yoga mat has seen the soles of my feet in 3 weeks.

Something got me way side tracked. Something got me in a funk, and I really want to come out of it because I felt so great when I was on my routine. Between Christmas and New Years I was off from my full time job; a glorious 1.5 weeks of paid time-off. One of the few perks of working at Yale. And it was surely glorious. So glorious, in fact, that I spent the majority of my time-off sitting on my couch watching TV or playing flight control on my iPhone. I could have done SO much that week, and I didn’t do a damn thing. Not even a load of laundry. I really couldn’t tell you why I was so lazy, but I just was. There wasn’t a thing I wanted to do more then just be lazy and do nothing.

But you know, sometimes, you just need to recoup. Sometimes, you have to allow yourself to do nothing. I guess I needed it. And you know what, when you fall off the horse, you just get right back on again, and keep going. Its easy to just give up on things, but that’s not what I want to do.

So, Workout Challenge, you may have won a few rounds there, keeping my butt firmly on the couch and causing me to come dangerously close to being labeled as a “couch potato”, but I’ll kick your ass even harder. Week 6, 7, and 8 were just abysmal. I wont even bore you with what little I did. Instead, I’m just going to do what I did with week 4… I’m going to redo them. So, this 10 week challenge is really turning into a 20 week challenge… well, that’s okay. I’m ready for the fight.

This week, January 9-15th, is my “new” week 6. I will pick up my recaps from here and finish this challenge come hell or high water, and no amount of Christmas cookies or cheese cake will stop me!!!

Wish me luck!!

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I can’t believe its December 29th. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I sure did. I’m off from my full time job until the 3rd and I’ve been taking full advantage of my time off… and that of course means my days have been spent in my pj’s cuddled on the couch with Vespa and Leo… obviously.

I’ve got a ton of posts to throw on here, as well as a couple of weeks in my 10 week workout challenge to update you all on (I’ve been a bad blogger, and haven’t posted a week 6 or week 7 recap yet, but don’t worry, it’s coming!). But for now I’m taking full advantage of my time off and am taking a much needed break from all things social media. So, this will be my last post of 2011!! Geez, I kinda feel like I should leave you all with something so much more then just this. Well, since pictures make a post a 1000 times better, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the last few weeks. This has, in a nut shell, been my wonderful life. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa (and anything else I forgot!) to everyone and I’ll see you in the new year!!!

A Christmas photo shoot of my adorable niece, Julia Grace! (more pics of her to come!)

Christmas 2011

Leo and Vespa in their Santa hats

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

I baked a bunch of sugar cookies for Christmas, and spent something like 5 hours decorating them with royal icing. I’m a freak, I know! But they came out super cute!!!

Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve at my parents house, where we decorated the table with home made tissue paper poinsettias…

Christmas 2011

laid out said sugar cookies + a glass of milk + a letter for Santa with my nephew…

Christmas 2011

And then, after showing him that the tree was bare, and that Santa was on his way, threw all of the presents under the tree after he went to bed. My sister and little bro helped me capture this beautiful picture of my parents tree by running back and forth in front of my camera and popping my flash + shinning a flashlight along the bottom of the tree to illuminate the presents! This was shot at: f/22, 15sec, iso100 on my 35mm lens.

Christmas 2011

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s to an amazing 2012 :)

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